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A collection of basis concept and their operations

Basis Concept Zig

basis_concept-zig is a collection library of "basis concept" and some operations on them. Some basic concepts such as Copyable are provided.


Concept are named constraints on types such as Clonable.

In the Zig language, polymorphic functions are sometimes typed fn (anytype) t. Often, however, functions with such types implicitly require some properties for their types. The Concept allows such implicit constraints to be named.

Naming such implicit constraint allows us to deal explicitly with constraints on types. Further, some associated polymorphic functions are able to be implemented to each Concept such like Cloneable.clone.


Equivalence of generic data type

To compare equivalence of data of various types:

/// A type constructed from various `isEq` types
const S = struct {
  val_int: u32,
  val_opt: ?u8,
  val_eit: error{MyError}![5]u8,

const s1: S = ...;
const s2: S = ...;
if (Eq.eq(&s1, &s2)) {

Check for cloneability

When you want to implement clone on a container type only for types that are clonable.

pub fn Container(comptime T: type) type {
  return struct {
    pub const Self: type = @This();
    pub const CloneError: type = std.mem.Allocator.Error;
    pub usingnamespace if (isClonable(T))
      struct {
        pub fn clone(self: *const Self) CloneError!Self {
          .. T.clone() ..
      struct {}; // empty

// For a clonable type C:
var c = Container(C);
var d = try c.clone(); // clonable

// For a not clonable type N:
var n = Container(N);
// _ = try n.clone(); // compilation error

Comparison by total order

When you want to pass an ordering function for a key type of a Mapping container.

var map: Map(Key, Value) = MakeKeyValueMap(Key, Value, Ord.on(Key));
map.insert(key1, value1);
map.insert(key2, value2);


This library is developped with:

  • Debian (x86_64) 10.4
  • Zig 0.9.1 with Zigmod r79
  • Zig 0.10.0 with Zigmod r80


To build, executing the following commands:

zigmod fetch
zig build

Unit Test

To performs unit tests:

zig build test

Generate docs

To generate documents:

zig build doc

A html documents would be generated under the ./docs directory.

Provided Concept

  • TrivialEq Concept for types that trivially comparable value with ==. This concept is defined for checking the type is comparable with ==. Then any extra method is not provided.

  • TrivialDestroy Concept for types that trivially destroyable implicitly. Then any extra method is not provided.

  • Copyable Trivially copyable values with =. Copy means to duplicate a value that has no resources shared with the original one. In other words, it must not contain a pointer.

  • Clonable Duplicable values using clone method if exists. Similar to Copyable, Clonable means that the value can be duplicated. However, the concept can be satisfied if the clone method is implemented even if the value cannot be copied in the trivial way. In other words, if a type is Copyable, it is automatically Clonable as well.

  • PartialEq PartialEq concept means that a partial equivalence relation is defined for the type. The partiality comes from the fact that the relation does not require reflexivity. That is, the relation must satisfy the following properties. for all x, y and z:

    • PartialEq.eq(x, y) == PartialEq.eq(y, x)
    • PartialEq.eq(x, y) == PartialEq.eq(y, z) == PartialEq.eq(x, z)
  • Eq Eq concept means that a full equivalence relation is defined for the type. Addition to PartialEq, this concept requires relations to have reflexivity.

    • Eq.eq(x, y) == Eq.eq(y, x)
    • Eq.eq(x, y) and Eq.eq(y, z) implies Eq.eq(x, z)
    • Eq.eq(x, x)

    Furthermore, this concept also contains ne method, which must be consistent with eq.

  • PartialOrd PartialOrd concept means parial ordering relation. Such relations require the type satisfies properties and have consistensy to PartialEq.

    • PartialOrd.partial_cmp(x, y).?.compare(.eq) implies PartialEq.eq(x, y)
    • PartialOrd.partial_cmp(x, y).?.compare(.le) implies PartialOrd.partial_cmp(x, y).?.compare(.lt) or PartialEq.eq(x, y)
    • PartialOrd.partial_cmp(x, y).?.compare(.ge) implies PartialOrd.partial_cmp(x, y).?.compare(.lt) or PartialEq.eq(x, y)
  • Ord Concept for types that forms total order. Implementations must be consistent with PartialOrd.

    • Ord.cmp(x, y) == PartialOrd.partial_cmp(x, y).?
  • Destroy The Destroy concept provides an interface for destroying values. Values of types implementing this concept can be destroyed by destroy(@This()) or destroy(@This(), std.mem.Allocator).

Module Hierarchy

  • basis_concept (the root module)
    • copy
      • isCopyable
    • clone
      • isClonable
      • Clone
    • partial_ord
      • isPartialOrd
      • PartialOrd
    • ord
      • isOrd
      • Ord
    • trivial_eq
      • isTrivialEq
    • partial_eq
      • isPartialEq
      • PartialEq
    • eq
      • isEq
      • Eq
    • trivial_destroy
      • isTrivialDestroy
    • destroy
      • Destroy
    • prelude
      • Clone
      • PartialEq
      • PartialOrd
      • Ord
      • Eq
      • Destroy

Concept Convention

Implementations of concept on types, are follows some conventions. For any concept C, implC, isC and C maybe implemented.

  • fn implC(comptime T:type) bool
    Determine if the type T satisfies concept C directly.

  • fn isC(comptime T:type) bool
    Determine if the type T satisfies concept C.

  • const C = struct { ... };
    Namespace C that implements generic functions that depend on the concept C.

  • fn DeriveC(comptime T:type) type
    Derive functions that depend on C.

Package Contents

  • .gitattributes
  • zigmod.lock
  • build.zig
  • zigmod.yml
  • src/lib.zig
  • src/clone.zig
  • src/meta.zig
  • src/ord.zig
  • src/partial_ord.zig
  • src/trivial_destroy.zig
  • src/destroy.zig
  • src/trivial_eq.zig
  • src/partial_eq.zig
  • src/eq.zig
  • src/copy.zig
  • README.md
  • .gitignore


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